Have you started bagging your fishing tools? Before you set your foot out to start your trip there’s something we would like you to know. We definitely want you to have a fun trip in Idaho but there are some fishing laws here which the states strictly want you to follow. In case you break the law, you know that it can put you through a lot of trouble.
Today we will guide you on what to take and whatnot, along with what you must and must not do on your fishing trip in Idaho in order to be on the safe side. So, without any further ado, let’s start rolling!

Yes. Idaho has some strict rules regarding fishing permits. Anyone that is either 14 or over must have a fishing license in order to fish in the inland waters. Apart from that, those who are below 14 do not need any license but they must be assisted by adults who have a fishing license.
Not only this, there are two categories of kids without a fishing permit. Both resident and non-resident kids who are under 14 must be assisted by a resident adult who has the fishing permit.
At the same time, the adult who will be assisting the kids is not going to have any leverage in the bag counts. Both of their bag counts are going to be counted as one person’s bag count. Meaning, two people will be sharing the bag count of one person after fishing here in Idaho.
The law regarding the bag counts and having a license while fishing is very strict so, we recommend that if you are eligible for a license, get one as soon as possible. You can additionally get these licenses online so hurry up and get yours today!

Additional Fishing Permits

Apart from the regular fishing permits we have just discussed above, there are some special permits you will need in order to take part in some activities in Idaho. Let’s have a look at these special permits now-

  • Either you are a resident or a non-resident, you will need special fishing permits in order to fish salmon and steelhead in Idaho.
  • You will have to get special permits if you plan on carrying two poles while fishing in Idaho regardless of being a resident or a nonresident.

Is Night Fishing Legal In Idaho?

Idaho is a fishing-friendly state. There is no such law that says you cannot fish in the nighttime. So, certainly, you can fish in the nighttime here. On the other hand, the state does have a strict law regarding fishing both salmon and steelhead only during limited daytime hours. Apart from that, you can fish here any time without any hassle.
Is Live Bait Legal In Idaho?
A big no. The states do not allow any live fish into the inland waters here. On the other hand, if you want you can use live baits like worms, wax worms, nightcrawlers, and so on. As long as you are not using any live fish as your bait, you are good to go.
Baitfish reminded us of live crayfish. If you catch any live crayfish while fishing then you can use that as your bait and no other way. The states do not want any new species invasion and additionally new diseases from the bait fishes you would bring. That’s why Idaho strictly prohibited bringing any live bait for fishing.

What Types For Baits Are Legal In Idaho

As Idaho has some strict restrictions upon using live fish as bait, this limits your options to a minimal number. You can either use artificial lures or any kind of dead fishes to catch fishes. You can use crappie or bluegill cut bait. They work as the best live fish bait alternatives.
There is another thing you can use as an alternative for live fish and this is going you seem absurd but have faith in us. This is definitely going to work. We have seen some great results. If you are up for trout fishing, you can use scented mats, which allow for fishing. These lure fishes very well and you can catch your desired fish.

Fish Limits In Idaho

Like other states, Idaho has some fish limits when it comes to fishing. Let’s have a look at some of them-

  • Bass. Per day limit is 6.
  • Bull trout. If you catch this fish, you must immediately release it. The limit is zero.
  • Trout. The daily limit is 6.
  • Whitefish. The daily limit is 25.
  • Burbot. The daily limit is 6.


apart from the fish possession limits of each day, you need to follow the fish size limits as well. For that, you can check out Idaho Fish Size Limits right now! Prepare yourself well before you go fishing. Have a fun ride!

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