Planning to fish in Virginia is one of the best decisions you have made so far. While you are packing all the equipment you will need in your fishing trip, there are some laws you might break without even knowing. Can you imagine doing something you were completely unaware of and then getting punished for that? Check breaking which laws might put you in trouble while fishing in Virginia!

You wouldn’t want that especially if this a trip with your friends after a long time. Who wants to get into unnecessary trouble? To avoid such issues today we are going to guide you about the fishing laws in Virginia. So, let’s get to know about these laws and some regulations you must follow throughout your fishing trip in Virginia.

Is a Fishing License Required In Virginia?

Fishing Laws in Virginia

Yes. In fact, if you are a resident in Virginia for more than six months, in order to go fishing in the inland water, you must bring your fishing license. Not to mention, those of you who age either 16 or more are legally required to bring a fishing license if you fish here in Virginia. So, if you don’t have a license already then get yourself one today!

Fishing Laws You Must Follow

  1. You will need a fishing license for fishing in the inland waters.
  2. If you plan to go fishing in the inland waters then you must bring a hook, reel, and rod or line. You are not allowed to do angling without these.
  3. There is a creel limit for each day. You have to strictly follow the limit which implies live fishes as well.
  4. If you plan to fish in someone else’s property then you will need the land owner’s permission for that. In case that’s stocked trout water then you will find signs that will tell you whether they are available for public fishing.
  5. You cannot change the entire appliance of a gamefish. For instance, you are strictly forbidden to remove their tails or heads.
  6. You are not allowed to transport these gamefishes. However, if you have permission to use the fish for immediate consumption then you can carry on.
  7. It is prohibited to kill, capture or possess any endangered species.
  8. You cannot bring fishes of different species, mollusk, etc. to the inland waters to make a sale. In case you have any permits, you can do it then.
  9. You cannot wear Scuba gear in order to catch or take a fish.
  10. You may use a hand landing net in order to land fish hooked in all the waters.
  11. You must remove the juglines, trotlines, or set poles from the public waters in case you are not using them.
  12. If you planning to go fishing, you need agency permission to mark fishes with the tagging equipment.
  13. You can never use dynamite or likewise objects to destroy any fish or anything that might destroy the fishes or fish spawn in the streams or lakes. This applies to their banks as well.

Creel and Length Limits

Fishing Laws in Virginia

You must follow the creel and bag limits while catching fishes in Virginia. Note that, each species has a different kind of size or length and creel limit for each day. In order to know more about these numbers, check out the Creel and length limits in Virginia now!

Bait Fish and Their Limits

Can you imagine yourself catching a fish without bringing a baitfish? Now, right? In Virginia, there are some commonly used fishes as bait. You can also learn about the number of fishes you can possess each day you go fishing.

In aggregate with other bait, see below

  1. You can possess up to 50 fishes.
  2. You can possess these fishes up to 50.
  3. You can possess up to 50 fishes. Note that, the fishes must be less than six inches.
  4. You can possess unlimited fishes of this species.
  5. You can possess unlimited trout fishes as bait in Virginia.

Laws Regarding Not game Bait

  1. The Seine can never exceed the length of 10 feet and the depth of 4 feet.
  2. You can cast nets.
  3. The minnow traps which come with throat opening features cannot be larger than 1 inch in diameter.
  4. If you want to use umbrella types of nets, you can do that. Make sure that these nets remain under 5 feet by 5 feet square measurements.
  5. In case you are planning on using hand-held bow nets, you must follow the measurement requirements. Make sure the diameter does not exceed 20 inches and additionally, the handle length does not cross 8 feet.

In conclusion, don’t feel pressured by all these fishing laws. Remember that these laws are just to ensure everyone’s safety. We hope that you are going to have a fin ride here in Virginia! Don’t forget to grab your license.

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