Don’t you just love to go fishing with your family and friends? Have you made any plans to go fishing this year? if yes then it’s always great to go fishing with all the precautions. Pre cautions don’t mean you go fishing all geared up. Rather it focuses on the regulations and laws you are following when you are going fishing. Here are Wisconsin fishing laws!

Today, we are going to provide you the all the details regarding laws and regulations you must follow while fishing in Wisconsin. Without holding you and longer we will jump right into it now so let’s start rolling-

Do I Need A Fishing License in Wisconsin?

Fishing Laws in Wisconsin in 2021-2022

Yes, undoubtedly. Unless you are below 16 you can go fishing without any permit. Just when you blow out the candles of your 16th birthday, don’t forget to sign up for the fishing license in Wisconsin.

How to Get A Fishing License?

If you are 16 or more then you must carry a fishing license if you go fishing anywhere in the states. In order to purchase a fishing license, you have to bring either your social security number or driver’s license. So, why wait? Get started now and have the best recreational experience of all time here in Wisconsin today!

Fishing Dates in Wisconsin

Fishing Laws in Wisconsin in 2021-2022

The fishing year 2021 has already begun back on April 1 this year. This will continue till March 31, 2022. Check out the available Fishing Dates In Wisconsin waters throughout the year now!

Illegal Baits for Fishing in Wisconsin

What’s fishing without a baitfish? Wisconsin has its own laws regarding carrying baits while fishing. In case you do not have plans on dealing with the police for breaking the law, check out what you should bag and what you definitely should not while fishing in Wisconsin-

  1. If you bring a baitfish that did not come in any use, you can not release that fish in the lakes, rivers, ponds, or streams of Wisconsin. It is illegal to release unused baitfishes in Wisconsin waters.
  2. It is illegal to transport live eggs from the water to another place for personal use or business purpose.
  3. You cannot carry or keep any live crayfish while fishing.
  4. Some places only allow artificial baits. You can not bring in or possess any live fish as your bait in these places for fishing.
  5. You are now permitted to use gamefish as your bait for fishing. Although there are some restrictions regarding the size lengths and bag limits. If you follow those accordingly then you can use them.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to remove any fish larvae from any trout stream.
  7. You are not allowed to uses bait fishes such as gobies or goldfishes in the state waters.
  8. You cannot remove fish eggs which would have been used as baits from any under-sized fish that you caught during the closed season.

Fishes to Catch and Release In Wisconsin

We have some fishes you can catch during the open seasons in Wisconsin. Let’s have a look at these fishes now-

  • Walleye and sauger (includes hybrids)
  • Sturgeon, shovelnose
  • Trout extended Lake Superior streams
  • Muskellunge
  • Whitefish
  • Bass, white
  • Sturgeon, lake
  • Rough fish & bullheads
  • Catfish (channel, flathead)
  • Trout and salmon (includes early inland trout season)
  • Gobies
  • Warmouth (Panfish)
  • Bass, largemouth, and smallmouth
  • Ruffe
  • Cisco (Lake herring)
  • Perch, yellow (Panfish)
  • Pumpkinseed (Panfish)
  • Bluegill (Panfish)
  • Panfish (Yellow perchBluegill, Sunfish, Crappie)
  • Rock bass
  • Northern pike
  • Bass, yellow
  • Perch, white
  • Crappie (Panfish)

Release Regulations

We are going to reiterate this on and on that fishing is fun. Then again, you need to make it fun for the fishes as well. The next time you will go fishing remember these guidances of Wisconsin before releasing any fish to the state waters. Note that, these guidelines are set in order to help improve the health of the fishes you are about to release after catching. Let’s get to know them and place them somewhere safe in our minds-

  1. Retrieve the fish right away. Do not delay a bit.
  2. In case the fish gets deeply hooked then you must cut the line immediately and release the fish into the water.
  3. Make sure you consider the water temperature, stress of the water before releasing the fish into the waters.
  4. You must keep the fish in the water. Don’t forget to wear wet gloves or keep wet hands while handling the fish before the release.
  5. You must rock the fish from one side to another side while reviving it. Keep doing this till the fish maintains its balance all by itself.
  6. As your fish begins to struggle during the release, you need to let the fish swim away.

Following these rules accordingly make the release process for the fishes bearable while you will have a good time fishing.


Have a fun fishing experience in Wisconsin this year. In case you need to check on the bag limits you can check out Bag Limits In Wisconsin now! Have a great time!

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