Just how a pen is essential for a writer, fishing equipment is necessary for a fisherperson. You can’t expect them to catch fish with their bare hands, can you? That is why, fishing supplies are important to any fisherperson, whether they are beginners or professionals. It might be a tough job figuring out good places to get your fishing supplies from, especially if you don’t want to travel far. This article is for people living in Nebraska, who’re in dire need of good fishing supplies stores. Not only do we list out the places for you, we even included the opening hours and services offered by those stores- for your ease. 

As happy as you may be to have found fishing supplies stores in Nebraska, remember that location isn’t the only characteristic to consider while shopping for fishing supplies. Before getting your hands on a certain pair of rods or reels, it’s crucial that you go through the material and pricing of that product. In addition to these features, it’s vital to keep your skill level in mind while shopping, which will help you get the perfect fishing supplies that suit you! 

What to Consider?

There might be distinct fishing terms that you’re not accustomed to, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, this section tells you essential characteristics to consider while buying fishing supplies, that shall help you compare between alternatives and make the right pick. 

  • Subjective Features

There might be several reviews on the internet about fishing supplies, but it’s all subjective at the end of the day. What works for others may not work for you, so it’s a good idea to always browse through fishing supplies that shall suit your skill level the best. Moreover, the weather and location affect fishing techniques a lot, it’s wise to keep those in mind too. 

  • Rod Ratings

Rod ratings are vital when you’re fishing, as they decide the weight you can catch. For most beginners, it’s suggested to use 2kg to 5kg line ratings, which shall target the medium-sized fish. However, if you’re looking towards fishing for larger fishes, you have to purchase heavier rod ratings to support the weight.

  • Fishing License

For Nebraska, a fishing license is required for any individual who is 16 years and older. Without this license, you are not allowed to fish in any of the ports or even buy fishing supplies. Hence, look through your documents, and if you don’t have a fishing license, purchase it straight away. You may buy these licenses online and for a year, multi-years, one-day or 3-day periods- whichever suits you the best.

  • Recommendations

Most of the staff in fishing supplies stores are certified professionals with good experience in fishing. Moreover, the owners of these shops tend to be highly skilled and experienced individuals with tons of stories to share about fishing. On the other hand, shopping for fishing supplies may be quite troublesome due to the vast range of equipment available. Hence, it’s good for you to ask the staff or the owner for recommendations whenever you feel intimidated or stuck. Not only will they answer your queries, but they advise you on how to get better at fishing. In addition to these, they shall assist you to make the right choice of fishing supplies depending on your skills and experience.

Where to buy fishing supplies?

Providing fishing supplies and outdoor gear, this store accepts credit card payments and is recommended for families with children. The Wolf Tackle Shop is situated in Lincoln and is open from 6.30 am to 7 pm. It is reviewed as the largest tackle and bait store in Nebraska, with varieties of fishing supplies present for you to choose from. The staff is mentioned to be very friendly, giving off free advice to whoever is in need of them.

  • Fish Tackle and Supplies

Fishing supplies in Nebraska

Based in Lincoln, the store stays open from 7.30 am to 6 pm. Aside from providing fishing supplies and outdoor gear, the store offers one-on-one advising sessions for the customers. If you’re in Nebraska searching for tactics to make your fishing techniques better, this is the place for you. According to the reviews, it’s very convenient to shop from this store.

  • Harley’s Bait and Tackle

The store offers hunting and fishing supplies, along with outdoor gear. The in-store shopping spot maintains all health and safety measures due to the pandemic and performs contactless payment options as well. Situated in Folsom Street, the store is open from 10 am to 6 pm. The shop provides live bait and several varieties of tackle, along with the rods and reels for fishing as well. The owner is known to be an experienced fisherperson with several suggestions for the customers.

  • Cabela’s

Based in Westport, Cabela’s fishing supplies store maintains the safety precautions amidst the pandemic. The shop stays open from 9 am to 9 pm, and provides fishing supplies, hunting, and outdoor gear. In addition to that, the store has great reviews for its customer service- the staff is said to be extremely helpful with their advice, while the owner is quite experienced and answers all the customer queries.


There are several types of fishing supplies available, from which you need to make your pick. Of course, all fishing supplies shall not be useful for everyone. So, it’s crucial that you do the research on fishing supplies, or ask a professional to help you with it. There’s always scope for improvement! In Nebraska, there are multiple fishing supplies stores and we’ve described the best ones for you. However, it’s wise to opt for the stores that perform contactless payment, keeping the covid-19 pandemic in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Jot down the store’s address that’s the closest to you, and start fishing! Share this article with your friends and family in Nebraska to help them find the best fishing supplies as well.

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