Fishers are content with a fishing rod in their hands. However, that doesn’t imply one cannot aim for the finest experience of their lives. While fishing in the local creeks might have a sentimental and pragmatic charm, there are numerous other opportunities to cast your rod.

Each state in the United States seems to have its own set of fishing laws and guidelines. Although some states do not need fishing permits, some do. Furthermore, a license issued in one state is not guaranteed to be upheld in another; particularly if the state shares a waterway with another.

Fortunately, the US is home to many of the world’s finest fishing destinations. Take a look at these top 10 US states for fishing to find your ideal spot.

1. Alaska

top 10 US states for fishing

Alaska has vast expanses of almost intact natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Though Alaska’s fishing season is quite short, you have the chance of more than enough freshwater fishing to capture fishes like salmon, striped bass, northern pike, and lake trout. Deepwater seawater fishing is also possible, although the environment can seem harsh.

In Alaska, spots like Bristol Bay or the Karluk River are noticeably well-known for fishing. All the fishers in Alaska need a sport fishing license before setting out to catch some salmon. If you want to look for the famous King Salmon in Alaska, you need a stamp for that.

2. Arizona

The scenery of Arizona is not just the beautiful desert and Grand Canyon that it is renowned for. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout can be found in the waterways. Fishing enthusiasts love this state for the rivers flowing between the White Mountains. Anglers are not afraid to flock to the rivers at over 11,000 feet above sea level any day of the month. They can wait for hours to cast their fishing lines in hopes of catching bass, trout, and rainbow.

3. Colorado

top 10 US states for fishing

Seasoned fishers will want to visit Colorado, which has over 6,000 miles of waterways spreading over the state. You can also find over 300 miles of streams, and 2,000+ reservoirs with their stunning scenic environment. All through the 4 seasons, fishers get many opportunities to cast their line. The Gunnison River is among the favorite spots. It’s a good location to capture the biggest salmon. If you want to capture some trout, then Rocky Mountain National Park is the place to go.

4. Florida

The Florida Keys is among the most popular fishing spots on the southern coast. Fish species found here include bonefish, trout, bluefish, and others. Since the water in this region is warm, the Gulf Stream is a good place to capture a lot of fish. Chartering a vessel and exploring the clear water for ladyfish, white and blue marlin, and perhaps even some mackerel is the perfect place to chase fish in Florida. If you are a seafood lover, don’t forget to give the local restaurants a visit.

5. Georgia

top 10 US states for fishing

Georgia shares several bodies of water with Alabama. But it does have exclusive access to Lake Lanier. For several years, Lanier Lake, like Jackson Lake, had been a magnificent largemouth waterway, but it is populated with spotted bass.

 Georgia has a plethora of bassin’ rivers that go almost unnoticed. There is little pressure, and 5 distinct species of black bass can be found in the rivers there.

6. Illinois

People travel to these 11,000-acres of reservoirs during the summertime. Anglers snatch yellow bass, striped bass, inland drum, halibut, walleye, and other species on a daily basis. You may end up discovering more than 50 miles of trails made for biking, hiking, or climbing. Aside from training, the trail is ideal for birdwatchers. You would have a great time if you practice photography as well. Not just for fishing, people are fans of just devouring the natural beauty of Illinois.

7. Louisiana

top 10 US states for fishing

Louisiana is renowned for being a marshland and water-filled state. Finding a fishing spot here is not that difficult. However, they do differ considerably. You can find various forms of fishing all through the year. Redfish, freshwater drum, and clam can be caught year-round. For fish like catfish or halibut, you can find plenty of those at all times except winter. If you enjoy fishing under the sky, just take your vessel for a ride in the Gulf of Mexico to catch yourself some tuna. If you want to catch some rare saltwater species like amberjacks, visit Louisiana during the colder seasons.

8. Minnesota

The Northern side of Minnesota is a gift for anglers. Northwoods is among the best places to travel to. It is complete with pine trees, beautiful lakes, and a bunch of tourist spots to explore. With over 12,000 natural reservoirs, it’s impossible to throw a rock that would not bounce off of the water. Most of the waters there are teeming with eager walleye. Minnesotans have compassion for fishing and a friendly demeanor that allows people to have a relaxing and pleasant holiday. That being said, for a true experience, travel to Minnesota during the icy seasons for the chance to catch a majestic northern pike. Ice fishing in Minnesota is something one shouldn’t miss if given the chance.

9.  North Carolina

Considering you are a fishing enthusiast, North Carolina has some great fishing spots that are ideal for you. The different groups out there can supply you with all the essential fishing supplies you might need, such as lines, lures, and a fishing permit. It has some of the most exciting fishing sites so you can consider charting with a kayak or boat. Some spots are also great for fly fishing, or shore fishing. Trout, striped bass, catfish, and other species can be found here, among many more. Whenever you visit North Carolina, do visit the restaurants in the localities to try the delectable seafood.  

10. Wyoming

Many states come with more lakes, lots of fish to offer, and plenty of facilities. However, none can compete with Wyoming’s unique natural landscape. The state can provide you with a journey that anyone would cherish for the rest of their lives. There are beautiful mountain streams passing through that are full of trout. People who love fly fishing can go to Wyoming. The icy streams drizzling from the rugged mountain surface seem dangerous which can ignite a chill on the angler’s spine (pun intended!). Enjoy the view of the majestic mountains as you cast your line for the catch of the day.   

Bottom Line

The US is filled with fishing spots that anglers would die for. All 50 states can offer distinct fishing experiences. Some places are famous for trout fishing, some are best for ice fishing. So, choosing a location or two depends on the anglers and their personal preferences. You cannot expect to find the best freshwater fishing in a state that is known for having the famous spots out on the coast. Pick your favorite state for fishing and take your fishing gear out for a spin.

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