Freshwater or saltwater? Your own small boat or charter boat? Fishing from the shore or using a boat? Whatever means you employ to go for fishing, Florida has it all. 

With over 7,700 lakes, 2,276 miles of shoreline, and 10,550 river miles, there is no shred of doubt that Florida is one of the best places for fishing for visitors and locals. The southernmost United States state, Florida, has hundreds of kilometers of beaches.

Starting from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Coast up to the Keys, Florida features some of the most diverse and finest fisheries globally. The Sunshine State offers you everything – be it reefs, mangroves, deep water trenches, and flats, you name it!

Imagine you are on a fishing trip in Florida, and your fishing materials start acting haywire. Where will you buy new fishing supplies from? Or even repair the old ones? Probably you will look up in Google, but you would not know which store is the best. 

Fret not. This is why we have come to your rescue. Let us look at the 5 best fishing stores where to buy fishing supplies in Florida from. 

Where to Buy Fishing Supplies in Florida?

Tampa Fishing Outfitters

This is hands down the best fishing store you would stumble across in the Tampa Bay region. If you are up for some hardcore saltwater fishing, grab some essential equipment from their vast collection.

For your upcoming fishing adventure, their passionate and knowledgeable employees will steer you in the right direction. Brace yourself up for your forthcoming monster catch with just the right tools.

Walk into the humongous world of fishing paradise, Tampa Fishing Outfitters, who boast thousands of fishing gear and tackle ideally suited for the fishing environment. 

Do not worry about the prices as it is incredibly budget-friendly. Even more, the intimidating collection should not scare you. It is unlike other old bait shops – everything is laid perfectly.

The best part is that you can shop from their online store as well. One con is that not all fishing equipment is available in their online store; you might need to purchase directly from their store. 

Website: Click here

Address: 3916 W Osborne Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

Phone: (813) 870-1234

Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply

Fishing Supplies in Florida

Name a fishing accessory and Capt. Harry is going to provide the best quality to you. It aspires to be your most reliable source when it comes to premium quality saltwater fishing tackle. 

They offer 3 modes of shopping: directly through their store, website, or by telephone. No matter which one you choose, their first-rate service is not going to disappoint you. 

They provide a full line of fishing-based products from the absolute finest manufacturers worldwide. Reels, boating accessories, rigging accessories, fishing gifts, terminal tackle, and lures are included in their product list apart from fishing accessories. 

It is located right next to Miami International Airport. With easy access to free parking, Capt. Harry offers convenient shopping. If you are somewhere in that region, do not hesitate to visit their store when you need fishing accessories. You will be amazed to see how their collection just matches all your needs. 

Website: Click here

Address: 8501 NW 7th Avenue Miami, FL 33150-2503

Phone: 1-800-327-4088

Florida Tackle Company

Locals describe this as the best shop in the area! Why? The Florida Tacke Company consists of an insanely knowledgeable crew who perfectly knows about the Florida waters and the equipment that goes along. 

They have both inshore and offshore tackles, fresh and frozen bait, and other top-notch reels and rods you could ask for. Not to mention that they offer the best Shrimp and Ballyhoo on the market. 

Based on your fishing needs, they will provide the required supplies. Now you know your only stop for fishing supplies. Visit their website store to purchase equipment online.

Website: Click here

Address: 1550 US Hwy 1, Unit 11, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Phone: 561-739-8523


Fishing Supplies in Florida

Looking for a store with excellent products and excellent service? Bulluna heard you! They offer a mammoth collection, starting from small fishing gears to even boat equipment. 

They can tick all your fishing needs. You want fishing gloves, rods, baits and lures, hooks, sun buffs, floatation devices – they have it all!

Whether you need repairing or buying new fishing supplies, Bulluna has available equipment at a reasonable price. Their product list is never-ending. 

If you happen to pass by the area, be sure to drop in. For others, you can order online. Not to mention that their customer service is stellar as well. 

Website: Click here

Address: 18901 SW 106 Ave. Store 135, Cutler Bay, Fl. 33157

Phone: (305) 447-2906

Bass Pro Shops

Located in Central Florida, Bass Pro Shops boasts a wide range of freshwater or saltwater fishing gear, boating and beach supplies, and fishing apparel, all under a single roof. 

Not only this, they have a 17,000-gallon giant aquarium. Whenever you visit the area, make sure to drop by. It makes your shopping fun with its wildlife creations, which is a must-see for each and every visitor. 

Utilize your fishing with the high-quality supplies from here. Experience the thrill of fishing with their fishing reels, rods, and other accessories. Their gears remain fresh for years to come.

Even more, live bait is available at this store. 

Website: Click here

Address: 5156 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: (407) 563-5200

Final Thoughts

Florida has many lakes and beaches to fish from. With the proper fishing supplies, you can make your fishing trip to Florida memorable. 

Do not forget to drop by the fishing stores we mentioned whenever you need to buy fishing supplies in the Sunshine State. 

Hopefully, this article answers your questions on where to buy fishing supplies in Florida. 

Abide by the state’s fishing law while you go on fishing. Remember to preserve the aquatic life there.

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