New Hampshire. The U.S. is known greatly for its large variety of wilderness. This state is filled with many natural wonders. Lakes, mountains, wildlife, beautiful sceneries, and everything a camper, an adventurer, and a hiker could ever dream of. But let us not go in all aspects of adventure and stick with fishing. New Hampshire may not be famously known for fishing, but it deserves that respect. Sure, it is not as appreciable as Utah, but you can still fly a variety of fish here. There are many sites that New Hampshire dwellers will recommend. But today we will tell you something that no one will hardly tell you that is because they don’t pay heeds to that topic. That topic is, where can you buy fishing supplies in New Hampshire? 

If you ask around, you will see that only a few people will answer this question with full confidence and their answer does not always match. That is because New Hampshire has a lot of great stores for buying fishing supplies. Which one should you choose and which one should you ignore is very hard to determine.

So let us see 5 of the best stores in New Hampshire, which are good for purchasing fishing supplies.

Where to buy fishing supplies in New Hampshire?

New England Marine and Industrial, Portsmouth, NH 

Fishing Supplies in New Hampshire

Formally known as New England Fishing Gear. This is a different type of fishing supply store. They do sell regular fishing gear like rods, reels, ropes, fishlines, etc. Besides these, they also sell all fishing equipment that is needed by commercial boats. You will find chains and hoists there. If you want to be a little safe, safety equipment is also sound here. It is a great fishing store but a little different than the usual ones. If you don’t want to visit their store physically, you can visit their website and purchase items from there but not all of the items cannot be shipped because of freight regulations. In that case, you will have to go there physically.

Website: Link

Address: 200 Spaulding Tpke GPS, 90 Farm Ln, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States

Phone: +16034362836

The Tackle Shack

If you are one of those fishers who want to experience a little diversity like ice fishing, then the Tackle Shack is the perfect shop for you. They have a huge collection of fishing gears. We all know that season-wise, we need different types of equipment. The Tackle Shack has experts on this topic and they can patch you up with equipment that is perfect for the season. You can also get live baits here for boosting your fishing. Besides fishing supplies, if you need to buy or repair any other hunting equipment like a bow, arrows, etc, come to the Tackle Shack.

Website: Link

Address: 894 New Hampshire Rte 103, Newbury, NH 03255, United States

Phone: +16037635508

Granite State Rod & Reel Rpr

Fishing Supplies in New Hampshire

This shop located in Nashua is famous all-around New Hampshire for its excellent repair service. The employees there are also well behaved and humble. Not only do they repair your fishing equipment in the quickest way possible, but they also sell top-quality fishing equipment for all seasons. Their service is so good that some people from the opposite part of the state drive all the way here for repairing their equipment. It is an honest man’s fishing supplies store. Give it a visit. You will love it.

Website: Link

Address: 6 Holbrook Dr, Nashua, NH 03062, United States

Phone: +16038806031

Bass Pro Shops

You may have heard of this name. Bass Pro Shops is more than a regular fishing and hunting store. You will find collections of local treasures and lots of native fish stored in their giant aquariums. The fishing store section is well organized. You will find reels, rods, accessories, seasonal clothes, ice fishing necessities, fly fishing, and more. They even sell boats and ATVs. It is a much-appreciated name in the fishing store and a one-stop store for New Hampshire dwellers.

Website: Link

Address: 2 Commerce Dr, Hooksett, NH 03106, United States

Phone: +16035415200

Stone River Outfitters

Stone River Outfitters is a family-owned business that truly cares and understands their customers. They may have a small number of employees, but these employees are very knowledgeable and experienced. With their experience, they can suit you up with the perfect fishing equipment in their store. Their store houses all kinds of fishing equipment.

You can find all kinds of flies, fly lines, fly reels, fly rods, bags, clothes, and safety accessories there. It is a one-stop store for fly fishers. Be sure to visit them if you are a passionate fly fisher.

Website: Link

Address: 1 NH-101A Unit 1, Amherst, NH 03031, United States

Phone: +16034723191


Fishing is almost all American’s hobby. They love fishing, they teach it to their child and their children do the same and it goes on. Everyone knows that good fishing requires the best equipment. That is why I am always open to buying new fishing supplies.

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