As a proud citizen of the United States of America, you know how much everyone is fond of fishing in this country. Americans of all ages love to go fishing. Parents teach their children fishing and they do the same with their children in the future. Some take it as a profession and they are dead serious about it. Others take it as a hobby and a necessary surviving skill. 

Regardless of how we take fishing to ourselves, we all want to have a good fishing session. We all want our hunt for fishing to be very successful with bigger fishes and enough for everyone. If you ask around, all of those who love fishing will agree to the fact that a good fishing session requires good fishing equipment and supplies.

Fishing rod, fishing line, reel, hook, tackle, bait, float, knot, fishnet, and the boat itself, all counts as necessary fishing supplies. Fishers are obsessed with these parts. They always take care of these parts and make sure to update them with the latest pieces of equipment whenever they can. Where can you find these fishing supplies? In a fishing supply store and also from online stores. The internet has many online stores that sell fishing supplies throughout all the states of America. But the better way is to physically check the product by yourself before purchasing.

So, with that in mind, let’s see where you can find fishing supplies in Washington.

Where to buy fishing supplies in Washington?

There are over 20 fishing supplies stores in Washington. All in different locations. You cannot always go to all 20 of these to check for new fishing equipment. So we listed five of the best we think might suit your search for new equipment in different scenarios.

Englund Marine & Industrial Supply

Fishing Supplies in Washington

If you are near Howerton Ave, then we would recommend you to purchase your equipment for fishing from Englund Marine & Industrial Supply. This is one of the oldest fishing supplies companies running in America. You may have not heard of them, but it is a huge shop of fishing supplies. You can find all sorts of high-class and industrial-grade fishing equipment there. You can find fishing rods and other regular fishing equipment and supplies. Alongside these regular fishing gear, you can find some top-quality high-end equipment like a harpoon, etc. It is truly a one-stop store that you must check out. They even have boating accessories. If you check their website, you will find exclusive combo deals.

Be sure to give them a visit if you are in Howerton Ave. They have a second store in Washington. That is near W N Wilson Ave.



  • 123 Howerton Ave, Ilwaco, WA 98624, United States
  • 101 W N Wilson Ave, Westport, WA 98595, United States

Phone: +13606422308

John’s Sporting Goods

If you are residing near Arlington, Granite Falls, Whidbey Island, or Everett, then the nearest fishing store around you would be John’s Sporting Goods. They are in business since 1953. You will find all kinds of top-quality fishing gear. They are a factory approved by Scotty warranty. Currently, there is only one physical shop of this factory in Washington and that is in Everett. If it is too far from your residence, you can check out their website. It is a well-organized online fishing supply store. You can find all sorts of fishing equipment there including gloves and other personal gear. It is a well-organized shop. Give them a visit if you can.

Website: Link

Address: 1913 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201, United States

Phone: +14252593056

Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply Company

Fishing Supplies in Washington

Those of you who live near Discovery Park, Woodland Zoo, University of Washington, or somewhere near these areas then you probably have heard of this store. It is one of the most respected fishing supply stores in the state. Their store is located at 2121 W Commodore Way, Seattle. They have fishing gear alongside many other necessities that you may need. That includes hardware, kitchenware, electrical equipment, paints. It is a one-stop store. Not only do they house all sorts of gear and equipment, but they keep the high-end ones from top brands too and in their online shopping page, you can browse through brands for personalizing your stuff with a brand. And yes, you can even buy a set of clothes for fishing if you want.

Website: Link

Address: 2121 W Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199, United States

Phone: +12062855010

Triangle Bait & Tackle

Triangle Bait & Tackle is one of the legitimate fishing supply shops in the Washington state known for selling some top-quality bait & tackle for fishing. Also, you will find other fishing equipment like fishing rods and wires. This may not sound very much but if you want to purchase from a vast collection of fishing bait and tackle, then visit Triangle Bait & Tackle in Snohomish.

Website: Link

Address: 603 2nd St, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States

Phone: +13605684276

Verle’s LLC

This fishing supply store is located near Isabella lake. They have all kinds of fishing gear you need. FIshing rod, tackle, bait, etc. All these can be found there. Besides, you can find other equipment like hunting gear, boat parts, safety gear, etc. Be sure to give them a visit if you are visiting near there.

Website: Link

Address: 741 W Golden Pheasant Rd, Shelton, WA 98584, United States

Phone: +13604260933


If you are from Washington state and obsessed with fishing, be sure to give these stores a visit. There are more fishing supplies stores in the state. Almost 20 of them. But we think these 5 would be the best. Regardless, if you find any other fishing supply store nearby, be sure to give it a visit.

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